PhotoPageGen Sample Output - Landscape pictures


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This is a sample webpage generated by PhotoPageGen
You can caption photos, add watermarks, add your name as the copyright holder in the EXIF metadata,
and arrange with many styles and backgrounds. Below is only 1 of many possible samples

You can see that all aspect ratios are supported (i.e. wide pictures, tall pictures, and everything in between)
And it auto arranges to make it look nice, and can even be sorted by filename, or in order of the picture taken
(nice when multiple cameras/phones shot the same event)

Sunrise on Lake Mendota
November, 2012
Madison, WI

Swans in the lagoon
October, 2011

Majestic clouds over Lake WInnebago
October 2014

Fall sunrise over Lake Wobegon
October 2013

Fall sunrise on a somber fall morning that got less somber as the time passed. Made for a beautiful sky early though. Would like to get back there


Lobby panorama of an optometrist's office. This was a difficult shoot
because of tricky lighting since both intrior and exterior, and lots of things about.

Interesting cloud patterns at sunset. Tricky shot. Light was low, but color was spectacular

pond sun reflection. Speaks for itself

Red serviceberry tree in the fall

Another nice reflection of the sun over water. If you look close, you can see the lake bottom near the pier.

This picture was taken 30 seconds after the canoe above, standing from the vantage point of infront of the canoe. "Thats" what the sun looked like that was poking thru the trees

Ominous cloud formation dissipating as the sun rises.

Just a panorama

The prairie at Yellowstone. Difficult to capture the majestic beauty

Created on 5/24/2017 8:08:43 AM
with PhotoPageGen version 5.3 beta