PhotoPageGen Sample Output - Videos and Pictures


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This is a sample webpage generated by PhotoPageGen
You can caption photos, add watermarks, add your name as the copyright holder in the EXIF metadata,
and arrange with many styles and backgrounds. You can even add videos.

You can see that all aspect ratios are supported (i.e. wide or tall pictures or videos).

And it auto arranges to make it look nice. Video width and height is individuall
adjustable if you want them bigger or smaller.



BB-8 CAD overview

BB-8 CAD drawing with shadows

Inside the BB-8 CAD, showing wireframe

competition robot


top view of robot

creating the CAD

robot chassis

BB-8 skin, and guts

BB-8 guts


early chassis

transparent CAD

Created on 3/22/2017 11:22:47 AM
with PhotoPageGen version 5.2 beta