Requirements: 32-bit or 64-bit Windows-based PC (Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista).


Current Version


Version 5.4

(Jun 2017)

  • Added: Renamed Razzle-Dazzle to Polaroid, and separated out the angle/tilt from that mechanism. So now, thumbnails can be tilted independent of Polaroid/Razzle-Dazzle being enabled. This is especially used for displaying transparent PNG files.
  • Added:  mat transparency to the Polaroid mechanism. This is especially useful for displaying various effects, and for providing transparency to Polaroids that have captions.
  • Added: New look and feel with new color scheme,  less distracting.
  • Added: Added configurable placemark separation distance. Default is 20 ft. Allows for geographically dispersed display when lots of images are present.
  • Added: Made a cleaner, simpler exclusion mechanism. Also cause a dialog if clear-all is instigated.
  • Added: Title-page generator used to need at least 3 directories to be used. Now any number can be present.
  • Bug: Corrected a major bug that caused some Windows computers to not be able to run PPG due to missing dll’s in Windows (some computers have them, some don’t).
  • Bug: When being opened for the first time, window size defaulted to max. Should have been min.
  • Bug: Made EXIF date/time extraction more robust. It was found that some cameras use different fields than others. Now, look for either.
  • Bug: Made maximize work perfectly. It was a little visibly glitchy before.
  • Bug: In some cases, exclusions caused the GPS mapping to be incorrect. Fixed.
  • Bug: Had incorrect orientation if caption was selected as bottom of image (didn’t handle the cases where it was on image… only worked if caption was on top of image). Fixed this.
  • Bug: Added an error handler for bad FTP host setting. Previously, it would crash if the FTP host was not found.
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes, various cosmetic cleanups, and stability enhancements


Previous Versions


Version 5.3

(May 2017)

  • Added: Added several animated backgrounds (clouds, hearts, and stars)
  • Added: New look and feel with new color scheme,  less distracting.
  • Added: Made the application re-sizable. This automatically resizes the image, description, and captions for easier use. The Publish form is re-sizable too, allowing for easier reading of long FTP paths, etc.
  • Bug: Corrected a major bug regretfully introduced in the last version that made the ff and rw buttons useless when trying to cycle thru albums. Sorry, that was a big one 🙁
  • Bug: Fixed a bug whereby the ff and rw buttons on thumbnails would become disabled if an album didn’t have any images, and then stay disabled for any subsequent album load.
  • Bug: Font-size didn’t go invisible when captions turned off, like the rest of the caption controls. Now does.
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes, various cosmetic cleanups, and stability enhancements

Version 5.2

(Apr 2017)

  • Added: Added the ability to now save images (by right mouse clicking) when viewing them in the generated webpage
  • Added:Added a new album feature, in the form of a + button on the top banner. You can still just drag/drop a directory on the form, or now you can use this button to remind you of what to do
  • Added: Added support for exclusions, the ability exclude selected images from display. There are now controls near the bottom right of the thumbnail on the main form
  • Added: A help page
  • Added: A longer memory for FTP saved directories, to 100 (it was 20). It only displays 10 in the pulldown, but it will remember up to 100.
  • Added: A font size label (1-7) and a video count label
  • Bug: Made it so that “Preview” automatically rescans and checks for new, updated, or removed image files
  • Bug: Made title-page function work for all modes. Previously, it only worked if in lightbox mode, and if in razzle-dazzle
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes, various cosmetic cleanups, and stability enhancements

Version 5.1

(Mar 2017)

  • Added:A banner and 10-deep album history were added, so that quick going back to previous albums is possible.
  • Added:A privacy mode whereby, when enabled, it will keep most search engines from indexing/finding the photo album
  • Added: Made FTP drop-down retain 10 most recent FTP settings (additionally, saving the last 100 so that an album can look up its last settings used)
  • Added:Added title-page generation. If an image name matches a subdirectory name, the webpage generated will images that when clicked, will open another album in that subdirectory, rather than just zooming the image like normal. Allows multi-level photo-pages.
  • Added:Added settable site-width to every album
  • Added:Added new animated snow background
  • Added: Added support for Image URLs. Drag an image from a website onto the form, and wit will be added to the album
  • Added: Improved sorting capabilities: made more robust, added random sort, added reverse alphabetic sort
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes, various cosmetic cleanups, and stability enhancements

Version 5.0

(Nov 2016)

  • Added:Video capabilities: drag Youtube URL’s on, or a .csv file of Youtube videos.
  • Added:web fonts so that all web-pages generated will be render fonts consistently on any computer and on any borwser
  • Added: Dark theme support. Previously, the application was really funky if using a windows dark theme. Now at least its still usable.
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes and stability enhancements

Version 4.0

(May 2016)

  • Added: Added NeoCities as a hosting site
  • Added: Added Border and Mat and associated coloring and other customizable properties, to thumbnaills
  • Added: Added RazzleDazzle feature to map, so it has the same characteristics as the  thumbnails
  • Added: Added a label to the sort order, actually showing whether its oldest picture first or newest picture first or alphabetical
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes

Version 3.9

(Apr 2016)

  • Added: Enhanced the startup… now indicate “loading” if large album loading (previously you couldn’t tell, it just kind of hung)
  • Added: Webbrowser Preview position and size is now saved between sessions
  • Added: Added slideshow mode (essentially a significantly improved lightbox)
  • Added: Enhanced GPS/map to only include a letter on the placemark if in fact the image is displayed on the map
  • Added: Tweaked colors of backgrounds
  • Added: Scale images better (especially tall vertical ones) depending on aspect ratio
  • Added: If there are straggler images in last row which do not fit in whole row, make last row smaller (previously, it would balloon them up to fit)
  • Bug: Corrected issue where FTP settings could be lost when switching between albums in certain cases.
  • Bug: Minor fix to startup, which in some cases was loading settings several times
  • Bug: Minor fix todrag/drop of new album, which in some cases, if corrupt somehow, would be half-way in between waiting for a valid album, and partially initializing, causing confusion in GUI
  • Bug: Fixed an issue whereby if PNG images were used, they would not render properly in the Webbrowser Preview, or in Internet Explorer. PNG now supported.
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes

Version 3.8

(Jan 2016)

  • Added: Hide “Regenerate” button except only when needed (when thumbnail sizes change). Otherwise, regenerate automatically when needed.
  • Added: Support for true 0-degree rotation. Previously, it jittered around a little, when set to 0. Now very clean if set to 0.
  • Added: A new caption mode of filename and text
  • Added: clarification of several messages, and notes and help on settings form
  • Bug: Under certain circumstances, the details of the map (when mapping enabled) were hidden from view. Corrected this.
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes

Version 3.7

(Nov 2015)

  • Added: Ability to put captions directly on thumbnail images instead of just above or below the thumbnails.This makes it nice when you want a tight compact format.
  • Bug: Update the email-to-friend button on publish form when loading a new album
  • Bug: Made link in email body better (previously, it chopped parts off and didn’t handle spaces correctly)
  • Bug: When publish dialog open,  when a new directory was dragged on,  the name of the previous directory was sometimes incorrectly used for publishing (leading to writes to the wrong place).
  • Bug: Fixed an error whereby when an album with captions was loaded, and then an album without captions was dragged on, the caption controls were still visible, even though the captions were disabled.

Version 3.6

(Nov 2015)

  • Added: A new very simple publish to BitBallloon. Simplest so far.
  • Bug: Fixed Google Drive mechanism. It linked to the wrong file. Also clarified its use in the instructions.
  • Bug: Caption font size buttons sometimes showed when they shouldn’t. Fixed.

Version 3.5

(Oct 2015)

  • AddedPublish only what is needed to be uploaded. That is, if an album is already uploaded, and a few images are added to the album, then publishing again will only upload what it needs to. This greatly saves time when updating albums with new or modified pictures.
  • AddedOnly process what is needed, ongoing. If images are updated/modified in the file system, they will automatically be processed on an as-needed basis when changing any settings or doing a “Preview”. Likewise, if images are added to an existing album, any images that need processing are updated, others are untouched. The net effect is much faster operation if images change. However, “Regenerate” still does all images (it is essentially a “start over” kind of function). Otherwise, what is needed is automatically done, ongoing.
  • Added: a new setting to turn off the date/time checking (essentially, disable the feature above). Dates/times are needed for the feature above to work, but some network drives seem to have bogus file times, and in those specific cases, you don’t want to use that new feature. This essentially disables that feature.
  • AddedSort order, oldest images first, or newest images first, when enabling the sort feature. Also, reordered timed sequence so that pictures without exif date/time are first (instead of last)
  • Added: Made publishing more robust: better error messages, better status, quick exit if an error occurs.
  • Added: ability to change caption font size
  • AddedSeveral date/time options for captions, including lone date, lone time, EXIF date/time, combining with text captions, etc.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug whereby when publishing, the album name was stale (the previous album name), if it was a new album.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where captions showed “enter caption” if not text was present for the caption. Only occurred under certain circumstances.
  • Bug: Corrected an issue whereby if a previous directory was open, then PPG is closed, then that directory was removed, then PPG re-opened, then close PPG, a crash resulted while  it was trying to save the settings.
  • Several other minor bug fixes and stability enhancements

Version 3.4

(Jul 2015)

  • Added: Detection if index.html is edited outside of PhotoPageGen, and warn the user if trying to write over it
  • Added: ability (via settings) to insert a  copyright and artist to the EXIF data of the photos
  • Added: more caption possibilities: date, time, date/time, and EXIF date/time
  • Added: number of images, and average size to the “Publish” dialog
  • Bug: Proof-Enable check box was sometimes incorrectly hidden.
  • Bug: With the way the smaller images were generated, sometimes a file would be in use, causing a crash. This was especially prevalent with directories with large amount of images.
  • Bug: improved stability if medium/small directories were removed, because when reloading in this condition, it would get wrong timestamp of index file and cause the dialog to come up and say the file was modified outside of PPG and did you really want to continue
  • Several other minor bug fixes

Version 3.3

(Jun 2015)

  • Removed the Links checkbox for mapping. It is now assumed, that if you have mapping enabled, you’d want the links, and the map, never just one of those.
  • Only generate map points for images that are taken more than 20 ft apart. This avoids clutter, and allows for more geographical distribution of points (since only so many points can be displayed)
  • Fixed a bug that kept the description from being saved/reloaded after closing it
  • Significantly enhanced how the map is centered:
    • only use the actual points displayed in determining the center (previously, used all points, whether displayed or not)
    • Can now center the map several different ways: center of all points displayed, point nearest center, or any of the points
  • Made map creation static (previously, generated a map on every setting change. This has the negative effect of thrashing the network, and more importantly, maybe the map generation API will change in the future, and make the map non-renderable. So, it was changed to render the map at map creation time, and then make that map an image, so it can be displayed for all eternity, and also not thrash the network. It is auto-updated if map settings change though.
  • Fixed a bug whereby when the Publish dialog was open, if a new directory was loaded that had not previously been processed, it just didn’t do anything… a regenerate had to be used to get it to do anything. Now fixed.
  • Increased caption font sizes for some fonts
  • Made dropdown menus list all of their contents instead of before had to scroll to see everything. Much nicer.
  • Several other minor bug fixes

Version 3.2

(May 2015)

  • Added a settings dialog, including things such as: site width, zoomed image width, thumbnail default size, proofsheet coluns, proofsheet thumbnail size, lightbox enable, lightbox captions, etc.
  • Made “Description” more robust, and more powerful. Can add text formatting, etc.
  • In Publish Form, the most recent remote directory was not set correctly under many circumstances, so when coming back to it, it would select the wrong remote directory (and thus, the wrong settings). As well, the status bars were slightly off. These issues were corrected
  • Freed up resources when not in use. Previously, sometimes, images could not be moved or deleted in Windows Explorer while this program was running, if it had touched those files.
  • Other several minor bug fixes

Version 3.1

(Apr 2015)

  • Significantly reduced the file-sizes of thumbnails:
    • They are now scaled according to the zoom/scale level selected (previously they were much bigger, in case you decided to scale everything up, you wouldn’t need to “Regenerate”… this was deemed too costly when publishing). Previously, they could even be bigger than the site-width at large zoom/scale settings (i.e. non-sensically large in some cases)
    • Now, if you scale larger, a red indicator box will show up around the “Regenerate” button to remind you that if you keep this scale, you should regenerate first to achieve the highest quality thumbnails
  • Corrected a bug on the Publish form, that caused the online access link to not update properly when selecting a new setting (from the drop-down menu) for the remote directory
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.0
  • Added mapping. If the images contain GPS (like smart phones, etc.), if enabled:
    • Images with GPS data will contain a link to Google Maps showing the location of the photo
    • An optional map showing where all of the images of the album were taken, is included at the bottom of the webpage generated
  • Added an Overlay feature, for text, author, file name, picture date/time, watermarks, graphics. With settings for size, color, font, placement, etc.
  • Moved some controls around to be more intuitive
  • Bug fixes and stability enhancements
Version 2.4
  • Now, settings are saved for each album individually, so that when you revisit an album, it will load the previous settings for that album
  • Added selectable spacing of thumbnails
  • Added lightbox viewing of images (including captions)
  • Added double-click to select all text in captions and other textboxes
  • Added a Description feature to allow captioning/introduction of the page being generated
  • Moved some controls around to be more intuitive
  • Bug fixes
Version 2.3
  • Added better photo viewing using lightboxes when clicking a photo
  • Added a couple of new backgrounds
  • Added support for Google Drive to host to the photo website (so don’t need your own server, just a Google account)
  • Bug fixes
Version 2.2
  • First public release