Requirements: 32-bit or 64-bit Windows-based PC (Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista).


Current Version


Version 6.1

(Jan 2018)

  • Added: Many more backgrounds and textures
  • Added: Support for  “like” mechanism that allows webpage visitors to “like” individual images. It keeps tallies, and color-coded hearts for all to see. Maintains a behind-the-scenes simple database totally in your control. Even keeps the data if the webpage is updated by PhotoPageGen (i.e. doesn’t get erased if you re-upload the album).
  • Added: Many small GUI cleanups that make PhotoPageGen interface cleaner and easier to use. Grouped the thumbnail overlays in it’s own area, and hide the controls when not in use. Much cleaner.
  • Added: Transparency and Gradient sliders to lighten the whole webpage and/or the top of the webpage when using images for backgrounds. Much slicker and tunable presentation style. Also automatically tweak header text colors based on these settings to maximize readability.
  • Added: An  FTP transfer log which tracks all transactions and albums uploaded. They can even be clicked to go the webpage created.
  • Added: Support for  EXIF data as a caption option.
  • Added: Revamped  proof page . Mostly cosmetic and easier to read/use.
  • Added: An all-inclusive  FTP transfer progress bar . Combined the previous 2 into one very readable bar.
  • Added: Tweaked the thumbnail border mechanism in several ways. A new thumbnail border type: frame mode . Also tweaked all of the border/border-size/matting-size sizes to better match the size of the border. Also tweaked the colors to better match.
  • Added: Support for  animated backgrounds (added animated GIF and PNG support), and included many to pick from. Very slick. You can also drag your own onto the form, and that will automatically become your background.
  • Added: Support for  animated images. Added animated GIF and PNG support so that you can make an album of animated GIFs if you wanted to, for example.
  • Added: barcode font as a new caption font option (because it could be done 🙂  … and some other slight font-related tweaks
  • Bug: Corrected some control-visibility issues. Under certain circumstances, controls either showed when they weren’t supposed to, or didn’t show when they were supposed to.
  • Bug: There were minor alignment issues, particularly noticeable when thumbtacks present.
  • Bug: There was an issue with the “Published webpage” link that sometimes wouldn’t show, even though the website was published.
  • Bug: Fixed an issue that prevented one from starting a video-only album, and then trying to add pictures to it. That wouldn’t work. Now can do a picture-only album, a picture-and-video album, a video-only album, or a video-only album that you later decide to add pictures to the album. The last one, previously you couldn’t do.
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes, various cosmetic cleanups, and stability enhancements


Previous Versions


Version 6.0

(Oct 2017)

  • Added: User defined backgrounds, just drag any image onto the form and it becomes your background. Transparency is adjustable.
  • Added: Many more backgrounds and textures, from high quality images.
  • AddedPublished web link on main form after publishing. And when you hover over it, you are informed when it was published last.
  • Added: Publishing is on a separate thread now, So while uploading, can still tweak album, look at preview, etc.
  • Added: Thumbtacks/pushpins as an optional graphic on each image so it looks like a poster board. Particularly striking when using the cork background.
  • Added: More rotation angles (45, 90, 180). Also, for angles above 25, randomize the rotation angles (so if set to 45, it randomizes the angles between 10 and 45). Its much more striking when randomized.
  • Bug: Corrected some rendering issues when large borders were used…. things were not always scaled properly
  • Bug: There were minor alignment issues, particularly noticeable when the thumbnails were super small (like 0.1x and 0.2x)
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes, various cosmetic cleanups, and stability enhancements

Version 5.4

(Jun 2017)

  • Added: Renamed Razzle-Dazzle to Polaroid, and separated out the angle/tilt from that mechanism. So now, thumbnails can be tilted independent of Polaroid/Razzle-Dazzle being enabled. This is especially used for displaying transparent PNG files.
  • Added:  mat transparency to the Polaroid mechanism. This is especially useful for displaying various effects, and for providing transparency to Polaroids that have captions.
  • Added: New look and feel with new color scheme,  less distracting.
  • Added: Added configurable placemark separation distance. Default is 20 ft. Allows for geographically dispersed display when lots of images are present.
  • Added: Made a cleaner, simpler exclusion mechanism. Also cause a dialog if clear-all is instigated.
  • Added: Title-page generator used to need at least 3 directories to be used. Now any number can be present.
  • Bug: Corrected a major bug that caused some Windows computers to not be able to run PPG due to missing dll’s in Windows (some computers have them, some don’t).
  • Bug: When being opened for the first time, window size defaulted to max. Should have been min.
  • Bug: Made EXIF date/time extraction more robust. It was found that some cameras use different fields than others. Now, look for either.
  • Bug: Made maximize work perfectly. It was a little visibly glitchy before.
  • Bug: In some cases, exclusions caused the GPS mapping to be incorrect. Fixed.
  • Bug: Had incorrect orientation if caption was selected as bottom of image (didn’t handle the cases where it was on image… only worked if caption was on top of image). Fixed this.
  • Bug: Added an error handler for bad FTP host setting. Previously, it would crash if the FTP host was not found.
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes, various cosmetic cleanups, and stability enhancements

Version 5.3

(May 2017)

  • Added: Added several animated backgrounds (clouds, hearts, and stars)
  • Added: New look and feel with new color scheme,  less distracting.
  • Added: Made the application re-sizable. This automatically resizes the image, description, and captions for easier use. The Publish form is re-sizable too, allowing for easier reading of long FTP paths, etc.
  • Bug: Corrected a major bug regretfully introduced in the last version that made the ff and rw buttons useless when trying to cycle thru albums. Sorry, that was a big one 🙁
  • Bug: Fixed a bug whereby the ff and rw buttons on thumbnails would become disabled if an album didn’t have any images, and then stay disabled for any subsequent album load.
  • Bug: Font-size didn’t go invisible when captions turned off, like the rest of the caption controls. Now does.
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes, various cosmetic cleanups, and stability enhancements

Version 5.2

(Apr 2017)

  • Added: Added the ability to now save images (by right mouse clicking) when viewing them in the generated webpage
  • Added:Added a new album feature, in the form of a + button on the top banner. You can still just drag/drop a directory on the form, or now you can use this button to remind you of what to do
  • Added: Added support for exclusions, the ability exclude selected images from display. There are now controls near the bottom right of the thumbnail on the main form
  • Added: A help page
  • Added: A longer memory for FTP saved directories, to 100 (it was 20). It only displays 10 in the pulldown, but it will remember up to 100.
  • Added: A font size label (1-7) and a video count label
  • Bug: Made it so that “Preview” automatically rescans and checks for new, updated, or removed image files
  • Bug: Made title-page function work for all modes. Previously, it only worked if in lightbox mode, and if in razzle-dazzle
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes, various cosmetic cleanups, and stability enhancements

Version 5.1

(Mar 2017)

  • Added:A banner and 10-deep album history were added, so that quick going back to previous albums is possible.
  • Added:A privacy mode whereby, when enabled, it will keep most search engines from indexing/finding the photo album
  • Added: Made FTP drop-down retain 10 most recent FTP settings (additionally, saving the last 100 so that an album can look up its last settings used)
  • Added:Added title-page generation. If an image name matches a subdirectory name, the webpage generated will images that when clicked, will open another album in that subdirectory, rather than just zooming the image like normal. Allows multi-level photo-pages.
  • Added:Added settable site-width to every album
  • Added:Added new animated snow background
  • Added: Added support for Image URLs. Drag an image from a website onto the form, and wit will be added to the album
  • Added: Improved sorting capabilities: made more robust, added random sort, added reverse alphabetic sort
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes, various cosmetic cleanups, and stability enhancements

Version 5.0

(Nov 2016)

  • Added:Video capabilities: drag Youtube URL’s on, or a .csv file of Youtube videos.
  • Added:web fonts so that all web-pages generated will be render fonts consistently on any computer and on any borwser
  • Added: Dark theme support. Previously, the application was really funky if using a windows dark theme. Now at least its still usable.
  • Bug: Various small tweaks/fixes and stability enhancements